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The majority of Buda is served by three water providers: The City of Buda, Goforth Water Supply Corp., and Southwest Water Utilities, LP (Monarch Water). The location of your business will determine what water provider is available to your business. View the Water Service Area Map Here.

The City of Buda rates are very competitive and there are options for less expensive (non-potable water) for irrigation purposes.

  • City of Buda Utilities | 512.295.8845
  • CIty of Buda Public Works Dept. | 512.312.2876
  • Goforth Water | 512.376.5695
  • Monarch Water | 866.654.7992 or 713.405.1717


The City of Buda provides wastewater from the majority of the commercial properties in the City of Buda. The Park 35 South Development is currently served by individual septic systems and portions of the East Buda are served by the Sunfield MUD. View the Wastewater CCN Map Here.

  • City of Buda Utilities | 512.295.8845
  • CIty of Buda Public Works Dept. | 512.312.2876


The Buda area is served by Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC). PEC has been provided electric service since 1938 to its members and offers competitive rates and reliable service. View PEC's Current Rates Here.  PEC also offers a commercial energy calculator online, and provides rebates for certain commercial projects.

  • Pedernales Electric Cooperative | 888.554.4732

Natural Gas

CenterPoint Energy is the natural gas provider for Buda, Texas. CenterPoint offers clean and efficient natural gas to commercial users at affordable and competitive rates. Learn more about CenterPoint Energy.


Buda is primarily served by Time Warner / Spectrum and Verizon for telecommunications services. Both provide reliable and affordable options. Additional service providers may be available depending on the business location.

  • TWC / Spectrum | 409-659-7059                     
  • Verizon | 800-837-4966                                     
  • Verizon Customer Service | Allconnect              
  • Hughes Net | 866-641-8709                               
  • Direct TV | 877-423-3403  - New Customers     
  • Direct TV | Existing Customers                          
  • Frontier | 855-291-4311                                     
  • Dish Network | 877-439-1520