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Property Taxes

Property taxes are assessed per $100 value of real and personal property. Residents and Businesses in the City of Buda pay property taxes to: Hays County, City of Buda, Hays CISD, Emergency Services District #8, Emergency Services District #2, and Austin Community College. 


                  Tax Rate

Hays County                 


City of Buda




ESD #8


ESD #2


 Austin Community College




*A property with a valuation of $100,000 after exemptions, would pay $2,576.30 in property taxes annually.

Sales Taxes

Sales Taxes are capped at 8.25% in Texas. Hays County collects 0.5% in sales tax and the State of Texas collects 6.25%, depending on the location the City of Buda and/or Emergency Services District #8 collect with a maximum of 1.5% combined.

In Texas, the majority of grocery items are not subject to sales tax.

Income Taxes

Individuals in Texas are not subject to income tax.