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Strategic Plan - 2013


In 2013, the Buda Economic Development Corporation hired Pegasus Planning, in partnership with The Retail Coach and Texas Perspectives, to conduct Buda's first Economic Development Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan identified four target industries for the City of Buda: retail & entertainment, tourism & hospitality, office, and light industrial & advanced manufacturing. As part of the of the process, The Retail Coach conducting a retail leakage study, which indicated that Buda had over $247,967,000 in annual retail leakage.  Additionally, Texas Perspectives developed an Incentive Policy, which governs both the Economic Development Corporation and the City of Buda's incentive process and allocations. All of these documents can be downloaded under the Resources tab

In 2017, the EDC reviewed the progress it has and the community has made on the 2013 Economic Development Strategic Plan. Of the 42 action items, Buda has completed or is in progress to complete 40 of them by mid-2018. As such, the Economic Development Strategic Plan will be revised and redrafted in 2018 to address the changing economic development and community needs of the fastest growing city in Texas.