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Retail Trade Area

Primary Retail Trade Area

Buda’s Primary Trade Area population is estimated at 94,074 and is projected to grow to 102,508 by 2025. The PTA’s average household income is $97,049 and the median household income is $81,793. Buda’s PTA consists of young white-collar professionals with extra income to spend on retail goods and services. The average age is 33.81, with over 75% of the population having a high school diploma or higher education. The average household size is 3.14 and the median value of owner-occupied housing is $232,050.

Cabela’s is one of the retail drivers of the Buda PTA, and has spurred additional retail and commercial development in the area. Cabela’s attracts consumers to Buda from across the State of Texas and neighboring states.  However, the retail needs of the Buda PTA are not being met, with over $597 Million in Retail Sales Leakage annually. Buda’s PTA experiences retail leakage in all sectors except General Merchandise, Recreational Vehicles, and Sporting Goods categories.

Buda is home to four distinct retail trade markets: Downtown Submarket, Regional Freeway Submarket, Emerging 1626/967 Submarket, and the Emerging Sunfield Submarket.  Each of these markets has available land for a development, and several have pad sites or existing retail space available. Interstate 35 frontage property is also available in the Regional Freeway Submarket and Sunfield Submarket.  Land and building costs are inexpensive when compared to the surrounding area, and the property taxes in Buda are significantly lower than surrounding communities.