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Full Smoke Ahead—Valentina’s TexMex BBQ to Open in May 2023

BUDA, TEXAS — Valentina’s TexMex BBQ plans to open its doors in late May 2023 in Buda, Texas. Valentina’s 6,500 square-foot restaurant will offer seating for 235 customers, serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and include a full-service bar.

Valentina’s TexMex BBQ opened its food truck 10 years ago and has received national acclaim for their smoked BBQ with a Tex-Mex twist. Owned by Modesty and Miguel Vidal, this will be Valentina’s first brick-and-mortar location.

“The City and its partners have been committed to working with this family business from the start because we know it is an investment in Buda’s future,” City Manager Micah Grau said, adding, “We are excited that is all about to come to fruition.”

The restaurant will create approximately 75 jobs. The City of Buda and the Buda Economic Development Corporation invested in Valentina’s for a number of reasons. “The Vidals are Buda residents, and their kids go to our schools. With every business that comes to Buda, we look at the value it will add to our community,” said Jennifer Storm, Executive Director of Buda Economic Development Corporation. “Valentina’s is more than award-winning BBQ; it’s a destination. We invested in Valentina’s because of their name recognition, their international draw and their sales tax generation. Thousands from around the world are projected to visit Valentina’s, and in turn visit all that Buda has to offer.”

Valentina’s resides in a converted historic steel-framed equipment barn. The restaurant is situated at Buda Mill and Grain, Co., an 1890 cotton gin that is now mixed-use development, which includes an art gallery, salon, yoga studio, restaurants, and retail stores. Recently, Valentina’s stationed its BBQ pits in their two historic silos.

“Bringing our BBQ to Buda just felt right,” said owner and pitmaster Miguel Vidal. “With the city’s support, our family can’t wait to open our doors this summer.”


About Buda Economic Development Corporation:

Buda is located just south of Austin and in the fastest-growing county in the United States. Buda Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has played a significant role in carefully curating Buda’s business landscape through strategic incentives and support. As stewards of taxpayer dollars, Buda EDC ensures each new business will aid in Buda’s economic sustainability while also preserving its small-town charm. For more information, visit www.budaedc.com, Facebook @BudaEDC, Instagram @BudaEDC, LinkedIn.


Questions? Contact Sarah Hill, sarah@budaedc.com


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