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City of Buda, TX, Sees Success with Retail Expansion Plan

Austin, TX December 12, 2014: Buda, Texas, is experiencing tremendous growth, which has in turn spurred an exciting expansion in the retail sector with new and expanding businesses.

“We work with The Retail Coach so that we can continue to insure that the retailers in Buda are meeting the needs of the residential and business community,” said Ann Miller, Executive Director of the Buda Economic Development Corporation. 

“The research and guidance provided by The Retail Coach helps us determine if there is a market for a certain type of business, which is useful in attracting a new business, helping an existing business expand or supporting the start-up of a local entrepreneur,” continues Miller.

“While our primary goals are to grow or recruit new retail options to our community, we only want options that are a good fit. We want to make sure that when a business locates here, they will be successful. The Retail Coach enables us to have an extremely targeted approach.”

With over 10,000 residents and an average household income of $101, 509, Buda is one of the fastest growing communities in the state of Texas. “Managing the economic development of such a robust community, with a two-person staff, can be a little strenuous. The Retail Coach is like having an extra staff person at a fraction of the cost,” explains Miller.

Retail and Residential Success Stories
A new CVS/Pharmacy located in West Buda began as a small project. After the developer recognized the City’s potential, he acquired additional properties, which resulted in an 11+ acre retail development. Another development, the 2800-acre Sunfield community, is located just 15 miles south of Austin and will be home to over 6,900 households and roughly 20,200 people.

Additionally, entrance and exit ramps will be added along I-35 to open several prime properties for further retail development. One of those properties is Buda Commerce Park, which is a planned location for the specialty and high-end retail choices Buda leaders desire.

“Over the past year and a half Buda, has gone from a market many retailers weren’t familiar with, to a market that they are either exploring or eager to locate in,” said Miller. “A lot of this can be credited to the research, relationships and marketing efforts of The Retail Coach.”

“I’ve worked with similar firms in the past, but working with The Retail Coach has been an ideal partnership. The team’s responsiveness and flexibility allows our organizations to work in tandem to achieve common goals,” said Miller.

“The City of Buda is clearly developing a strong retail base,” said Aaron Farmer, Senior Vice President of The Retail Coach. “Both the Primary and Secondary Retail Trade Areas have increased over 3% in population during the past year, and we are enjoying the opportunity to continue helping the City work towards its full potential as a retail hub.”

The Retail Coach has worked in more than 275 cities throughout the United States during the past 15 years to assist local governments, chambers of commerce, and economic development organizations in successfully recruiting retail.

For more information about the Buda Economic Development Corporation, visit www.budaedc.com.

For more information about The Retail Coach, visit www.theretailcoach.net.