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Buda Sales Tax Record: Indicates Strong Economy and Opportunities for Retailers

The City of Buda set a new record for sales tax collections during calendar year 2013, with collections exceeding $4 Million for the first time in a calendar year. This was an increase of over $560,000 in collections from CY 2012 and represented at 15.99% growth rate.  This percentage growth was the highest among cities located in Hays County with a population greater than 1,500.


Buda's growth rate was also stronger than the growth of retails hubs such as Austin (5.5%) and Round Rock (7.3%). The January 2014 sales tax allocation, which represents November 2013 sales was above $400,000 for the second time in Buda's history and grew by 14.95% from January 2012. Overall, Buda's sales tax collections are up 15.19% for the first four months of the fiscal year.