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Buda EDC Relaunches Existing Website and Launches New Website Designed to Attract Business

Press Release


Buda EDC Relaunches Existing Website and Launches New Website Designed to Attract Business


Buda, TX – August 23, 2017 – The Buda Economic Development Corporation (Buda EDC) is relaunching http://www.BudaEDC.com today, reintroducing a more streamlined website with new advanced features. Additionally, the Buda EDC launched http://www.BudaTXInfo.com today, which just sped up and simplified the process of attracting job growth to the community.


The existing BudaEDC.com website was overhauled to allow for easier use and additional features were added. Some of these features include an agenda center, news section, and easier to utilize resources section. The design of the website was altered to allow for easier navigation and to coincide with the new linked website BudaTXInfo.com, which also launched today.


Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software, BudaTXInfo.com provides immediate access to in-depth information that previously took weeks to research. Now, data including dynamic real estate, demographic, and industry breakdowns are available free and instantly for Buda and it’s ETJ, along with a database of available properties with images.


Over 97% of initial site selection screening is done on-line now, and the combination of the two websites provides immediate access to critical business intelligence that decision makers need to make an investment decision. These two sites work together to reduce research time from weeks to minutes.


BudaTXInfo.com goes far beyond the simple database of available sites and buildings that were featured on the EDC’s original website. This new site provides dynamic mapping capabilities including the ability to view geographic “layers” of information such as parks, flood zones, MUD boundaries, etc. By working with the City of Buda’s Open GIS Data portal, new local layers can be added as they are made available.


Brokers and real estate professionals can request access to the site, so that they can update and add property listings to the site as well.  Website visitors can view available properties and corresponding demographic reports such as labor force, education levels, consumer spending, and age can be created. In addition, existing businesses are also mapped by industry showing their distribution and concentrations throughout the area.


According to Ann Miller, Executive Director of the Buda EDC, “BudaTXInfo.com gathers economic, planning, geographic, and demographic information often sought by businesses looking to relocate or expand into a ‘one-stop-shop’ business portal on the Web. It allows users to view, create, and print maps; find available commercial or business property; and develop customer demographic radius reports.” Information can be broken down into geographic areas as small as a census block group.


While the primary intent of BudaTXInfo.com is assist with the relocation and expansion of primary employers into Buda, this site also provides valuable information for recruiting new retailers to the community. Consumer expenditures are included in the datasets and this information can be helpful to someone wanting to open a retail business in Buda. It can also help entrepreneurs determine if there is sufficient market demand in the area for their type of business as well. For example, the website can show that the block group that includes the neighborhoods of Garlic Creek and Whispering Hollow, spend 2.76 more annually on apparel than the block group that includes the Sunfield neighborhood. This information can help someone interested in starting an apparel store find the ideal location to generate the most sales.


The GIS-powered website is built upon Google Maps technology, and offers state-of-the-art site selection mapping capabilities. The new website is also integrated with GIS Planning’s national site selection search engine, http://www.zoomprospector.com, which allows visitors to conduct national searches of cities and commercial properties that match their unique criteria.


About Buda Economic Development Corporation

Buda Economic Development Corporation is a Type B Corporation founded in 2001 by the Citizens of the City of Buda, Texas to provide economic development services to the community. IT is the Only Economic Development Organization in the City of Buda and is funded by a ½ cent sales tax.

Mission: Provide leadership in creating and pursuing balanced economic growth by recruiting and retaining desirable diverse businesses and developing infrastructure, while protecting the quality of life and natural resources of the region.


Media Contact:

Ann Miller

Buda Economic Development Corporation







About GIS Planning, Inc.


GIS Planning is the world leader in online economic development solutions. Over 13,000 U.S. cities in 42 states are served by GIS Planning’s Geographic Information System (GIS) Software, which provides real estate, demographic, and industry data to help site selection professionals. GIS Planning invented ZoomProspector.com, a free website that enables companies to identify the best locations to start-up, expand, or relocate. GIS Planning is an exclusive partner of the International Economic Development Council, and has been on the Inc. 5000 list for the past four years.


Media Contact:

Alissa Sklar

GIS Planning, Inc.