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Buda Adopts Economic Development Strategic Plan - September 2013

Both the Buda Economic Development Corporation and the Buda City Council voted unanimously to adopt both the Economic Development Strategic Plan and the Buda Incentive Policy in early September. 


In February, the Buda Economic Development Corporation hired Pegasus Planning and its partners, The Retail Coach, and Texas Perspectives to develop a strategic plan to guide the economic development efforts for Buda for next several years. 


The Economic Development Strategic Plan and accompanying Incentive Policy were developed over the last seven months with the help of community and business leaders, city and EDC staff, EDC Board Members, the City Council, and input from community members. Pegasus identified major factors affecting Buda through staff and steering committee engagement, community surveys, and extensive research and spatial analysis. 


The Economic Development Strategic Plan focuses on seven categories to influence economic diversification. These categories are: Downtown, Transportation and other Infrastructure, Sites and Buildings, Business Communication and Support, Workforce Development, Entrepreneurship and Office Development, and Retail and Entertainment. Each category has multiple action items, which the Buda Economic Development Corporation, the City of Buda, and the Buda Area Chamber of Commerce will work together to implement. 


As part of the process, Pegasus Planning developed a video that highlights the impact of the strategic plan after ten years of implementation. The video portrays a fun, exaggerated outcome, but it is indicative that Buda is at a tipping point with many great things on the horizon. The Economic Development Strategic Plan and Incentive Policy will help to guide Buda's growth and progress so that it meets the needs and desires of current and future residents.