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2014 Demographic Information Now Available from EDC

The Retail Coach recently provided the Buda Economic Development Corporation updated demographic information for the City of Buda and Retail Trade Areas. The 2014 Demographic information can be downloaded from the EDC's website at BudaEDC.com.


The updated report indicated Buda's population is approximately 9,024 people and has grown by 23.7% since 2010. Buda's Average Household Income increased dramatically from 2013 to 2014, with an increase of 10.17%. According to the 2014 report, the Average Household Income in the city limits of Buda was $96,464. 


Median Household Income, which is another standard of measure, was $83,403 for the City of Buda in 2014, which was an increase of over 15.47% from 2013. The Median Household Income for the State of Texas was $51,926 in 2012. 


Buda's Primary Retail Trade Area population grew to 65,676 and is projected to grow to over 15% during the next 5 years. 


The Retail Coach also provided the EDC with an interactive mapping system, that provides details by Census Block group regarding information such as Net Worth and Retail Spending Potential. The Majority of Buda residents spend 125-134% of the national average on retail goods and services. In comparison the majority of Block Groups in Hays County along the IH-35 corridor spend below the national average, with spending ranging from 50% to 92% of the national average ($22,896).  Buda's median net worth above the national average for nearly every block group in the City limits, with one block group having a median net worth of $425,460, which is 642% of the national average. 


Links to the Primary Retail Trade Area Information and the Interactive Mapping can be found on the EDC website as well. 

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