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LaVonia Horne-Williams

LaVonia Horne-Williams
April, 2022
LaVonia Horne-Williams is an 18 year resident of Buda, Texas and the owner of a small business consulting firm. With more than 20 years of experience in managing teams, operations, and personnel at the local, state government and private industry levels, LaVonia has demonstrated strong leadership and comprehensive knowledge of construction management, competitive bidding, contract development and management, federal and state procurement regulations and requests for proposals/qualifications services. Through traditional and equity-based approaches, she is a results-oriented achiever with an excellent track record for identifying opportunities for business development and growth. Currently, LaVonia works as a Senior Procurement Professional. LaVonia served with the City of Buda Historic Preservation Commission and was a member of the City of Buda Charter Committee. LaVonia is a Certified Texas Contracts Manager and a Certified Compliance Administrator. She is a graduate of California State University East Bay in Hayward, CA where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Legal Studies from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.