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John Tomme

John Tomme
April, 2020
John Tomme was born and raised in South Austin. John attended the University of Texas San Antonio and graduated with a degree in Accounting and a degree in Finance. John relocated to Buda in 2016 and shortly thereafter met his future wife. John and his fiancée have three dogs, fish, a leopard gecko, and a veiled chameleon. At this current moment in time, John’s fiancée has not surprised John with their next animal. This is the first board he has served on for the Buda community. He currently serves as the Treasurer of the Buda EDC. John works in Austin for the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. Since starting with the agency in 2011, he has been responsible for the accounting for more than $600 million dollars of grants and bonds, been responsible for putting together the Agency’s annual and biannual budgets. As of 2016 John joined the Bond Finance team of the agency and has been an important part of his agency issuing more than $479 million dollars of proceeds to assist First Time Home Buyers across the state of Texas. The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs has grown from helping 3,000 homebuyers annually to now helping more than 13,000 homebuyers with financing for their first home.
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